Silent Ferrywoman

Always the ferry woman,

is silent, experienced,

masterful and adept,

in steering uncharted lands,

mooring, woman and man,

and at ease with it.

She is complete. 

For this reason she does

not need speech, because

she has knowing. 

Saying much with her water-like

movements and calm.

I know the rhythms of nature,

the beat of the earth.

“What would you say if you

could speak to me?” I ask.

The answer is given in a thought,

transferred by the movement

of the water.

“Not a word. I would ask you to

think instead.  Do you wish to

be told everything?  The

mysteries are for you to

resolve.  That is the call of the


Then I understood,

the silence was not of not

speaking, but of knowing.

(copyright Imogen Crest 2006.)


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