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Earlier this week it was a great surprise to see WordPress had chosen this blog, as well as that of another Soul Food member, Anita Marie Moscoso, as their blogs of the minute. The sites were featured for twelve hours a piece, and needless to say Heather was quite proud indeed! This is a huge reach for Soul Food as a whole, with WordPress in the top percent of the blogging traffic world. Viva, Soul Food Cafe!

(copyright Imogen Crest 2007.)


15 thoughts on “Blog of the Minute – WordPress

  1. This site is one of my favorites. When my soul is in turmoil and I need some of nature’s serenity and gentle words, I enter the Lemurian Hermitage and I am revived. Surely a site for sore eyes.

  2. Yes! Great news! (Do the dance of joy!) I’ve been on a silent retreat here for over a week and it’s wonderful. All the beautiful scenery and the thoughtful readings. Thank you, Imogen.

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