Brian Clearihan – Tribute


“Bluestone Mill – Carlsruhe”

These photographs were taken on 1st of January, New Year’s Day, 2006.  They are from country Victoria, where Brian and I both took pictures, yet these are my impressions of the day. There were bushfires raging a short distance away, and we could smell the ash, following the news in the car to keep clear of them.  It was very hot, and we found cool shade at the Kyneton Botanic Gardens, and had a picnic under the boughs, where he suggested some of my best tree shots.  A gifted artist, with a highly trained eye, anything Brian did or decided to try, always had a touch of brilliance unlike any other.  Viva! Brian.


“Campaspe River – Kyneton Botanic Gardens”


“Claret Ash – Kyneton” 

As Brian pointed out, it looks exactly like an elephant’s trunk. 

Wise tree.


“Lancefield – Ancient Volcanic Spread”

(copyright Imogen Crest 2006.)


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