Great Green Dragon

According to a book recommended to me by some inspirational, learned people, the universe is a kind of green dragon, breathing creative fire and transforming, evolving endlessly, daily.  This book is linked at the main site at the Hermitage, and so are the influences who helped me along my path of discovery.  As Imogen Crest, I have been photographing nature daily and weekly, tracking the seasons at the Hermitage and through this, I have seen things I had been too busy to see before.  So I decided to record galleries of the most inspirational ones, the ones that needed to be preserved.  The following links are available for a visit anytime, and will be progressively added to, as new events in nature happen.  Think of it as a permanent exhibition of nature, a conservatory of the work of the “Green Dragon” of evolution.



 Byzantine Conservatory – Art Geometry in Nature

Byzantine Conservatory – Ancient Trees




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