Muses at Twilight



There is something about Twilight, the time between light and sunset.

There is an ethereal quality, almost a music in the atmosphere. 

The feint crescent moon rests in the sky, as the streetlights flicker on, and everything seems a little giddy…

…in twilight.

copyright Imogen Crest 2006.

4 thoughts on “Muses at Twilight

  1. Beautiful.
    My favourite time of day – that liminal time as the cares of the day are set aside and creative time beckons. I love the way that twilight blends the natural and man-made and telegraph pole and wires take on organic form.
    “almost a music in the atmosphere” – perfect!

  2. Love the photographs – and the sentiment – twilight has always been a favorite time – it is when the fairies come out, and magic happens! Shapeshifter time, from day to night, hard lines to soft…” I like to have a glass of wine & watch the sun go down – “a little giddy” indeed!

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