Orlando Non Furioso’s Villa



It was after the visit to Baba Yaga near the end of the search for the Dead Man’s Chest, that Belenus, the intellect-ruled donkey, changed forever.  And this was not because there was anything wrong with him, but because he wanted it that way.  Incidentally, the Dead Man’s Chest was successfully retrieved from the moaning Tygres, but curiously, it has never been opened.  Metamorphosis brought him to a Villa on the outskirts of the City of Ladies, in Cyberia, where he paints the bright pots he makes from rich clay, in his pottery studio in the ancient ways.  Had he been human, his name would have been like that of the famous knight of the ancient tales, so angry had he grown about the world, and only relying on the intellect.  Yet, now he was human, by transformation.  Daily he uncovers ancient treasures from the earth, and uses his hands to create, the thing he envied his very good friend Imogen Crest for.  The biggest treasure he has in his possession is the Dead Man’s Chest, of course, and he keeps it in a sunny place by the window, holding its secret safe.  His Villa is known to change colours with the weather, and sometimes with the mood he is in.  And of course, Imogen has lost none of her affection for him, residing as she does in her Hermitage Villa in the City of Ladies, closeby, and following her dreams of the intellect and the heart.  It’s also highly likely they will share an adventure or two, as we all know, evolution never stands still.



(copyright Imogen Crest 2006.)


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